Global insight, investigation, analysis and expert opinion on a wide range of commercial maritime incidents.

Founded by Captain Gregory M. Tylawsky, a San Francisco Bar Pilot since 2010, whose unique expertise as both a Deep Sea Unlimited Master and Unlimited Pilot provide clients with unparalleled qualifications to render guidance, advice, strategy and analysis in matters of commercial marine practices.

Captain Gregory M. Tylawsky, MBA, AFNI is a State Licensed First Class Pilot and Shipmaster who offers over four decades of training, experience at sea around the world and piloting in the United States to the field of Maritime Consultancy and Expert Witness Services.

Maritime Expert Group, Inc. takes assignments where we believe that we are the very best qualified to provide an opinion.

Command and Piloting Experience:
  • Tankers (to VLCC)
  • Containerships (to ULCV)
  • Bulkers
  • Freighters
  • RO/RO vessels
  • Naval ships
  • Cruise ships
  • Pure Car Carriers (PCC)


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Santa Rosa, CA 95401

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